Seven Sisters Regeneration

Welcome to Seven Sisters Regeneration

Since planning permission was granted in 2013 for the Seven Sisters Regeneration Project, Grainger Seven Sisters Limited (Grainger) has been working with Haringey Council to initiate work on the agreed plans and pave the way for this investment in Seven Sisters. Both the Council and Grainger are committed to this development and look forward to getting it underway as soon as possible.

What is the Seven Sisters Regeneration Project?

If you’re not already aware, the Project involves the redevelopment of the area above Seven Sisters tube station between Tottenham High Road, Seven Sisters Road, Suffield Road and West Green Road. The Wards Store closed in 1972 and has been empty ever since, becoming both symptom and cause of the area's decline.

The permitted scheme involves the provision of:

  • 196 new homes, including 18 duplexes accessed directly off Suffield Road, with the remainder accessed off a communal garden on the first floor
  • 14 shops: seven suitable for high street names along Tottenham High Road; six suitable for independent businesses along West Green Road; and one on the Seven Sisters Road
  • A new purpose built market hall for Seven Sisters Market (providing Grainger reach an agreement with market traders to move into the new Apex House development, subject to planning consent)
  • One café or restaurant at first floor level
  • Two kiosks and a public space around the entrances to the tube station

As part of the plans, the project, once complete, will:

  • Create 160 full-time operational jobs supported by new employment space
  • Deliver 70 full-time operational jobs indirectly created or induced by the development
  • Create £2.1 million per year of net additional resident expenditure within local shops or services
  • Rejuvenate the high street, bringing back high street names as well as providing new premises for independent businesses
  • Deliver 196 much needed new homes
  • Create a safe and active public area and a new focal point for the community
  • Contribute to the wider regeneration of the Seven Sisters area

What is happening now?

For the past year we have been actively engaging with property owners and lessees to assemble the remaining land within our site boundary in order to facilitate the delivery of the Seven Sisters Regeneration Project. Whilst Grainger either own or have ongoing arrangements in place to assemble much of the site, there remain various interests to be acquired. We intend to begin construction as soon as we have assembled the remainder of the land and in order to assist with the delivery of the Project and its associated benefits, Haringey Council has taken the decision to exercise their Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) powers to help facilitate the redevelopment.

Please contact us on 0344 225 0003 or at if you have any further questions about this process – we may not be able to answer all of your questions right there and then but will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.