Seven Sisters Regeneration

Seven Sisters Indoor Market

As part of the regeneration of Seven Sisters, we will deliver a brand new market for Seven Sisters Indoor Market to operate from.  The market area has been designed to accommodate the same number of stallholders as currently operating in the market. The new market will have 865 sqm floorspace, which is the same as the current market.

The new market will be very visible from the street, facing onto both Seven Sisters Road and Tottenham High Road. Under a proposed variation to the S106 agreement, all traders at the market holding a licence shall be offered a stall in the new market area at a licence fee discounted by 30% (thirty percent) for the first 18 months of their occupation of a new stall. Details of the proposed variations can be found here.

Ground floor plan of the Seven Sisters Regeneration project, showing the illustrative layout of the new market.

Ground floor plan of the Seven Sisters Regeneration project, showing the illustrative layout of the new market edged in red.

A Future of Seven Sisters Market Steering Group made up of market trader representatives, the market manager, Grainger and Haringey Council was set up last autumn to discuss the future of the market. The agreed members of the Steering Group are shown in the table below. The representatives have been chosen to represent both named licensees from the Section 106 agreement and those who are not named in the agreement, to ensure that both perspectives are properly heard.

Lita Alvarado Units 4-6 (Pueblito Paisa Café)
Nicholas Amayo Unit 10 (Genesis Transfers)
Chan Baker Unit 44 (S&C Textiles)
Marta Giraldo Unit 51
Marta Hinestroza Unit 48-49
Mosen Khanjary Units 7-8 (City News)
Ben Nyerende Unit 57 (Ben Property Solutions)
Farhad Zarei Unit 9

The group continues to meet on a regular basis. Individual meetings have also been offered to all traders at the market, to help with forward planning and preparation for the redevelopment of the site and the temporary relocation during construction.

During the construction period, the market will need to relocate temporarily until the development has been completed. Through discussions with the Steering Group, a location for this temporary market has been discussed which would be in the neighbouring Apex House redevelopment site. Given Apex House’s proximity to the current market and its existing planning permission, we believe it would be an ideal location for the market to relocate into on a temporary basis and market traders have agreed that this would be the best option.

Those traders wishing to move to the temporary market shall move at Grainger’s expense and will benefit from 3 (three) months ‘rent free’.

Grainger is committed to continuing to engage with the market traders to discuss how they can be supported throughout the lifetime of the project, including relocation to a temporary market during the period of construction. If you are a market trader or employee and have any questions about the project, you can contact the project team by calling 0344 225 0003 or